A musical - theatrical composition
This is a stage musical-theatrical composition, based on The Human Voice by Francis Poulenc and The Human Voice by Jean Cocteau.
For the first time, opera is joined to theatre. It is joined musically and dramaturgically.  An amalgam of opera and theatre.
Two women in one person and a pianist, approach the subject in a realistic and metaphysical manner. Soprano Maria Kokka, our story’s heroine, interprets the main character lyrically, while actress Magda Mavrogianni expresses her thoughts and conscience. Pianist Dimitris Giakas accompanies and intervenes on the action.
The story expresses passion, jealousy, the glory of love, as well as fear, insecurity, and the anxiety of a love lost.
If this love is lost, what will become of me? 
Must I continue to live? 
Is it worth it? 
Can I live without him? 
An outburst of passionate despair.
A cry of despair.
At the same time, other works by French composers are heard, which are harmoniously connected to the subject: Debussy - Fauré - Duparc – Hahn - Gounod.
A different and alternative human voice, processed in a special way.


€10, €5 (reduced)  

  • 06 November 2017
    Mon     21:00  (FOYER M1)