Thessaloniki Concert Hall, one of the country's top cultural institutions, constantly strives to maintain the high quality of its program and to promote its artistic and educational activities. This effort requires substantial funds and therefore the Thessaloniki Concert Hall is always searching for generous “fellow travelers” - sponsors.
In honor of its sponsors, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall has established a series of privileges for those who actively support creativity and quality.

Sponsors' Privileges

  1. Free tickets according to the sponsorship's amount (of a total value equivalent to 7% of total sponsorship).
  2. Display of the sponsor's logo on the program's cover page and on any literature or other promotional material of the event. The promotional material, apart from the program, includes:
    • posters (displayed at selected city spots)
    • suspension of 2 banners at the exterior of the Concert Hall (2,6x8m)
    • advertisings (at the local and weekly Press of the city)
  3. Participation of the sponsor at the Press Conference and all other promotional activities of the event.
  4. Promotional radio program with reference to the sponsor.
  5. Single-page advertising on the program of the event to promote the sponsor.
  6. Suspension of advertising posters with creative content compatible to the artistic style of the sponsor at noticeable spots of the building.
  7. Display of the sponsor's logo on the printed material of all events for a year.
  8. Option to use the foyer for a reception. There is also the possibility of using the foyer even in the mornings during the performances.
  9. Reference to the sponsor on the Concert Hall website.

(with logos)
National Bank of Greece / Alpha Bank / Sony / Aegean / fena / fenafresh / Dewar’s / Martini
ΕΡΤ-3 / ελ-culture

For more information about the sponsorships please e-mail pr@tch.gr or call the Sponsorships Officer Mr. Prodromos Monastiridis at 2310 895899.