For more than a century, this colourful, glorious and exceptionally beautiful fairytale known as the Christmas Ballet, has charmed audiences. It is one of the three representative works for ballet by Tchaikovsky, apart from Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty. This masterpiece is a theatrical dance that still fills the stage with life and excites audiences.
The basis of this beautiful theatrical dance is the fairytale ‘The Nutcracker and the Mouse King’ by German author E. T. A. Hoffman. At Christmas, a little girl called Clara receives a gift from her godfather. It is a small soldier with moving parts that functions as a nutcracker. As she falls asleep with her gift in her arms, she dreams of the Mouse King who leads the attack of the mouse army against the Nutcracker, who is wounded. Clara intervenes at the crucial moment and gets rid of the King. Then, miraculously, the Nutcracker is transformed into a prince and invites her to his kingdom. The prince takes her with him to the beautiful Kingdom of Snow and the Land of Sweets. There, the fairies of sweets welcome them with beautiful dances, such as the passionate Spanish Dance, the formal and slow Indian Dance, the energetic and wild Russian Dance, the elegant and refined Chinese Dance, as well as the lyrical and emotional French Dance. Clara’s joyful and sweet dream will forever live on in her heart.


Music Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Original Choreography Marius Petipa
Choreography David Wilcox

The Guangzhou Ballet

Main dancers:
Sugar Plum Fairy Zhou Yu, Ma MingHao, Wu Qian, Wang Lu
Prince - Nutcracker Di Jian, Huang BaiMao, Ren Nan, Lu Chen Shen
Clara Huang Ping
Drosselmeyer Fogelman Ferdinand


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*Children - pupils / ** Children - Pupils - students / *** Children - pupils - students - unemployment card holders

  • 14 December 2017
    Thu     21:00  (FRIENDS OF MUSIC HALL M1)
  • 15 December 2017
    Fri     21:00  (FRIENDS OF MUSIC HALL M1)
  • 16 December 2017
    Sat     16:00  (FRIENDS OF MUSIC HALL M1)
  • 16 December 2017
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  • 17 December 2017
    Sun     12:00  (FRIENDS OF MUSIC HALL M1)
  • 17 December 2017
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