Hans Fickelscher

Hans Fickelscher is known as one of the finest jazz drummers in southern Germany. Besides playing in a variety of bands, he is also leading his own projects and he is playing in many countries around the world: Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, USA, Great Britain, Korea, Spain, Russia, Austria and Indonesia – with jazz-greats like Maria João (Portugal), Fred Frith (GB), Jim McNeely (USA), Tony Lakatos (Hungary) Adrian Mears (Australia), Greetje Bijma (NL) or Jasper van’t Hof (NL).
Besides playing different Jazz styles Hans is deeply involed into brasilian music and a variety of percussion instruments. He is also known as a gifted composer and arranger. In his career he won several international music contests and scholarships.
He has recorded or performed with: Maria Joao (Portugal), Jasper van’t Hof (NL), Fred Frith (GB), Herbert Joos, Claus Stötter (NDR Radio-Bigband), Chicago “Beau“ Beauchamps (USA), Han Bennink (NL) Mike Svoboda (USA), Jim McNeely (USA), Greetje Bijma (NL), Tony Lakatos (H/GER), Luis Perdomo (Venezuela/USA), Jon Johannson (SWE), Peggy Stern (USA), Bobby Burgess (USA/GER), Mike Hennesey (GB/GER), Bryan Steele (USA), Louis Steward (GB), Kim Chong (Korea), Olivier KerOurio (F), Danilo Moccia (CH), Lorenzo Petrocca (I/GER), Rolf Römer (WDR Radio-Bigband), Olaf Polziehn, Karoline Höfler, Sebastian Studnitzky, Mini Schulz, Lilly Thornton (USA/CH), Andi Maile, Ekkehard Roessle, Peter Lehel, Peter Fulda, Jochen Feucht, Nikola Lutz, Oskar Klein, Ull Möck, Steffen Weber, Rainer Tempel, Veit Huebner, Günter Bollmann (HR Radio-Bigband), Axel Schlosser (HR Radio-Bigband), Martin Zenker, Martin Schrack,...

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