Natassa Mare Moumtzidou

Natassa Mare Moumtzidou has sung, taught and participated in a large number of festivals and organizations: European Youth Parliament, Unesco, European Worldwide Music, Gaia Festival, Continental Artists, Sur les chemins d' Oxor etc.. She collaborated with: Ministries of Macedonia, Thrace & Culture, Prefecture of Thessaloniki, Mayoralty of Culture, Education & Tourism, Greek University of Fine Arts, National Television Orchestra, History Institute of Thessaloniki, Institut Francais etc.. She organized, collaborated and has been part of a variety of musical and theatrical performances. Her three albums: «A», «The Embrace» with British guitarist Jason Carter and «Seul à Trois» got internationally great critical acclaim.
Member of «Artists Without Frontiers», she collaborated with Jason Carter, Eric Lemieux, David Moore, Marc Roger, Christine Alavoine, Wolfgang Fuhr, Hans Fickelscher and many other artists around the world. She performs with «Seul à trois», «kmnTrio», «Natassa Mare 4tet», «Mediterra» and the great Greek percussionist Nikos Touliatos who was in charge of the grand Opening and Final Ceremony of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. She has recorded at the Centre of Contemporary Music Research of Athens / KSYME (founded by Iannis Xenakis) for world-class Greek composer Nickos Harizanos and collaborated with KSYMEnsemble. In 2012 she performed the main role of MEDEA at the Greek tragedy “MEDEA” of Euripides, under the auspice of 30th International Conference of ISME (International Society for Music Education) at Megaron Moussikis of Thessaloniki. This work, composed by Nickos Harizanos, was awarded as an innovation into contemporary music field, for the extraordinary combination of the ancient Greek music with the traditional Greek themes, through the composer's unique contemporary way of writing and the fine free improvisational art of Natassa Mare, and received honorable prices from Boston Contemporary Opera, USA and Opera Actuel, Montreal, Canada.
At the moment she gives series of concerts performing with the exceptional Greek jazz trio «APOPSIS», a dynamic collaboration between four international musicians of jazz, presenting her new album entitled REMpetiko at some of the greatest jazz festivals and concert halls, such as the1st International Jazz Festival | Kozani, Megaron Moussikis of Thessaloniki, War Museum Department of Thessaloniki, etc.. This musical work is based on Greek traditional themes, themes from Asia Minor, and also from the musical routes of Rempetiko, always through the perspective of jazz and free improvisation.
In 2013 after the invitation of PARALLAXI org., she presented with great success her new work at the grand THEATERHAUS, Stuttgart, Germany. The same year with the support of the publishing house «Enalia Mare» starts her first literary effort by issuing a series of children's books and fairy tales. With a potential ally her experience on free improvisation and expression, her writing and her workshops with children from the age of 3-10, seeks to maintain the innocence of childhood thought, install an optimistic perspective in minds and hearts of children and encourage them to have confidence by using their own free expression.
In 2015, she collaborated with internationally acclaimed Italian filmmaker Marcantonio Lunardi and the great Greek composer Tania Giannouli, recording for Lunardi's new project, entitled "THE IDOL". This collaboration premiered at the Contemporary Art University of Bologna, Italy, and already has been presented in a series of international festivals and competitions. The same year, she also collaborated with the great Canadian composer Eric Lemieux. Their work has been released internationally. Lemieux's album entitled "Ti Amo" includes experimental music and music for films.
In 2017 she collaborated with the great Greek composer Dimitris Maramis. Their unique concert at ROTONTA, one of the most significant world heritage monuments of the 4th century, was a huge success. At the same period she gave a grand concert at the ROYAL THEATER of Thessaloniki and also performed with the great Nikos Touliatos at the 3rd EUROPEAN FESTIVAL ELEPHANTASTICO invited by the Municipality of Thessaloniki and ACTION ART. 
Finally, her recent unique performance at the Europäischer Kultursommer Fellbach, Stuttgart got great critical acclaim from the German press who entitled her a “Goddess of Jazz”.
She is in charge of the Sound of Art Festival in collaboration with the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki and gives series of seminars in Greece and abroad, which are dedicated to free expression and experimentation by using the voice as the basic element. Natassa Mare Moumtzidou is a founding member of the international organization “Interaction International ADELPHOPOIESIS” and was a Member of the "Greek Association of Tourism Journalist & Writers – EDSTE”, which collaborates with international, long-range organizations such as UNESCO, FIJET, OMJET. She collaborates as a journalist and a radio producer with the Main Radio Station of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and holds the position of the Artistic Director of the Greek famous web Radio Station «StarClassic Radio».

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