Fabrizio Mocata

Fabrizio Mocata is a Sicilian-born pianist, composer, citizen of the world and a graduate of the L. Cherubini Conservatory in Florence in classical and jazz performance.
His first encounter with Piazzola's music, in 2000, marked the beginning of his profound dedication to Tango, the musical world which allows him to express the full range of his poetic palette. A few decades later, he is widely considered to be one of the most innovative and promising talents of the international Tango scene.
His fresh approach to Tango has been received by critical acclaim worldwide as a soloists and composer and his riveting performances have become a common fixture of the world's most prestigious Tango Festivals (Montevideo, Medellin, Granada, etc.) where he has shared the stage with many of Tango's greats like Sandra Luna, Guillermo Fernandez, Marcelo Tommasi, Ana Karina Rossi, Julio Cobelli, Martin Alvarado, Olga Del Grossi, Fabian Bertero, Mono Hurtado, Aquiles Roggero, Raul Jaurena and others. Fabrizio’s original compositions have inspired choreographies by Pablo Veron, Los Guardiola and Los Hermanos Macana.
As a musical director, Fabrizio led “Recital Cantango” with world renowned tenor Fabio Armiliato and “Tango Argentina” with GD Tango on successful tours of Europe, North America and the Middle East.
His dedication to Tango in all its forms has also fueled a successful career as an educator and true ambassador of the culture it represents, culminating in being the first to introduce Tango as part of the curriculum in an Italian conservatory (L. Cherubini in Florence) and a long-running series of worldwide masterclasses and workshops on musicality for dancers.
Among his recent collaborations, his appearance as guest pianist and arranger on Sandra Luna's "Inmensidad" contributed to the album's nomination to the "Premios Gardel", widely regarded as the most prestigious award in the world of Tango.
Fabrizio’s latest album releases, "Swango", "Cruzando Aguas" and "Tango y Vino" were recorded in Buenos Aires, produced by Gruvita Media and published by the award-winning Argentinian label Acqua Records. “Letter From Rome”, the last album of the Mocata/Wertico/Scaglia Jazz Trio, was published by AlfaMusic, Rome.
Fabrizio Mocata has his home in Florence, Italy…when he is not somewhere in the world making passionate music with unique people.

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FABRIZIO MOCATA GROUP: SWANGO - Tuesday, 16 July 2024