Bill Psarras

Bill Psarras (1985) is an artist and academic. He is an adjunct lecturer at the Dept. of Audio & Visual Arts, Ionian University (2016-). On 2019 he completed a 2year postdoctoral research funded by IKY. He holds a Ph.D in Arts & Technology from Goldsmiths University of London (AHRC award), an MA in Digital Arts (UAL) and a BA in Audiovisual Arts (Ionian Un.) His artworks include site-specific practices, performances for camera, installations and poetry, exploring the (geo)poetics and politics of urban experience, focusing on issues of psychogeography, memory, place and emotion. His work has been exhibited in international festivals and group exhibitions across Europe and US (Onassis Cultural Centre, Benaki Museum, Fringe Arts Bath, FILE, T.H.C., C.C.A.) and cultural institutions (Royal Academy of Arts). His research has been published across international journals (LEA MIT Press, Technoetic Arts), conferences and book chapters on the intersections of art and urban/cultural studies. He composes music under the alias Ludmilla My Side. He is the author of Tundra (Pigi Publications, 2017), a poetry book on the metamodern intersections of art, geography and city.