Fred Sjöberg

Chorus Conductor
Fred Sjöberg, born 1953, is an educated singer and choral conductor at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and Örebro. Among others he has studied with Prof. Solvieg Grippe, Prof. Eric Ericson and Prof. Helmuth Rilling. He often works as choral/orchestral conductor, lecturer, workshop leader, innovator, administrator or tenor soloist and has been a member in Eric Ericson Chamber Choir for many years. He works in many various music styles and is often asked worldwide to work in the field of pop and jazz.
Fred Sjöberg has been on the international choral scene since 1990 either as guest conductor, lecturer, master class teacher, judge or as an administrator.
He has been the first conductor to conduct the three major international youth choirs as World Youth Choir, World Chamber Choir and European Youth Choir touring through many of the European countries and making CD recordings with the ensembles. 2008-2011 he was the principal conductor of the French National Youth Choir. 2012 he was the principal conductor of the first edition of Japan National Youth Choir. 2015 he was the conductors of Canadian National Youth Choir. He has been the principal conductor for Örebro Chamber Choir since 1983. 
1980-1995 he was a choral consultant for the county of Örebro. 1995-1997 he was the Artistic Director for the international festival Scandinavian Bach Academy and 1997-2004 he was the Music Director and conductor of the project “Tones for Millions” which includes concerts all over Sweden with a highlight at the Globe Arena in Stockholm with a mass choir with over 4.000 singers, competitions, National TV-programs etc. Since 2000-2004 he was also the Music Director of the Swedish Choral Centre at the Swedish Concert Institute.
2005-2006 he was the Artistic Director for Lund International Choral Festival. From 2008 he is Music Director for SWICCO Swedish International Choral Center in Örebro, Sweden. Since 2011 he is the principal conductor of the biggest outdoor Christmas Concert in Örebro broadcasted on National –TV in Sweden “O Helga Natt”. 2011-2016 he was church musician at Betel Church in  Örebro. From 2016 he is head of culture schools in Vingåker. He is able to inspire a broad constituency of artists, business leaders and scholars.
He is acting General Artistic director for INTERKULTUR based in Germany. INTERKULTUR produces festivals, pedagogical programs, competitons for choirs and choir conductors all over the world. INTERKULTUR has a network of over 80.000 conductors and over 350.000 choirs singers. Fred has a special responsibility for developing Asia, North America and Europe.

1986 The city of Örebro Culture Prize
1990 Appointed as the “ profile of culture” in the county of Örebro
1991 The county of Örebro Culture Prize
1992 Culture Prize from the daily Newspaper in the region
2000 Appointed as the “Conductor of the Year” in Sweden by SCDA (Swedish Choral Directors Association)
2001 Appointed with the Johannes Norrby Medaillon for outstanding service and development to the Swedish Choral Life.

Europa Cantat
Vice President of Europa Cantat as well as President of the Music Commission of Europa Cantat 2003-2012
World Choir Games
Member of World Choir Games Council since 2003
Eric Ericson Foundation
Secretary in the Eric Ericson Foundation  2001-2006
Eric Ericson International Choral Centre
Project leader 2004-2006
IFCM (International Federation on Choral Music)
Board Member since 2008 and Vice President 2008-2011
General Artistc Director since 2015
Kulturskolechef i Vingåker
Since 2016