Idee Fixe

The ensemble’s main artistic goal is the dissemination of contemporary music creation. It focuses on music written in the 20th & 21st century, seeking answers to questions concerning the names and the identity of this repertoire, the subtle silences, the unexpected influences, the deviations, the deletions and the ramifications of material which is still open and evolving. Based in Thessaloniki (Greece) on a core formation of soloists specialized in new music, shaping a flexible musical ensemble of any needed size. From promoting works by Greek composers to blending the arts (music and dance, music and literature),the musicians of the ensemble attempt to rediscover the sound as body, thought and feeling, imagination and memory.
The ensemble performs at prestigious concert and art venues, as well as in major international festivals in Greece and abroad, forging relationships with important artists and cultural institutions in order to secure the preconditions for effective actions, collaborations and discoveries through music creation. Many distinguished contemporary composers have dedicated some of their works to the ensemble and they performed their world premieres.
The ensemble has already many appearances, some of those were at Goldsmith University- Russian Center of Music in London and Huddersfield University (U.K) Guarnerius Art Center (Serbia),Concerti del Chiostro-(Italy),Instanbul University & Klasik Keyifler Festival(Turkey) Musica Polonica Nova Festival(Poland),Synthermia International Music Festival & Competition of Composition(Greece)State Museum of Contemporary Art(Greece),KOTH underground festival (Greece),Greek Composers Union concert series/Athens(Greece),Yannis Papaioannou International Music Festival (Greece) etc.
Since 2004 is “ensemble in Residence” in the Municipal Conservatory of Thermi in Greece.  In 2013 the ensemble will be ensemble in Residence of the Megaron Concert Hall in Thessaloniki (Greece).
The ensemble has performed with the conductors of Vladimiros Simeonidis, Miltos Logiadis, Dimitris Dimopoulos, Alexander Myrat and Theodore Antoniou.

Participations - Performances - Collaborations

LUTOSLAWSKI QUARTET & IDÉE FIXE - Saturday, 21 December 2013  
IDÉE FIXE - Sunday, 17 November 2013