The performance is suitable for children 12+
A dancing universe inspired by the homonymous romantic Shakespearean drama.
Love triangles, magical interventions, passions, spells, elves and unfulfilled desires make up a dreamy, magical night.
This is the second time that the Dancers of the North choreograph a classic Shakespearean work, following their production of Romeo and Juliet in 2019. Their current choice of A Midsummer Night’s Dream symbolically connects the two plays: Romeo and Juliet met at a ball. Oberon and Titania reconciled with a dance. The world of dance is inextricably linked to the Shakespearean universe. The raw material for the choreographic composition was the tradition surrounding the night of the summer solstice, which is considered a milestone in European culture, as the night when supernatural beings interact with the real world, a night of fertility ceremonies and erotic frenzy. Out of all the performing arts, only dance can convey the transformative power of love, the amorous flame, the uncontrollable desires, but also the vain actions of the mortals. A contemporary aesthetic update will bring the Shakespearean narrative into the present of the sexual overconsumption of tinder, chatting sex and swinging, of erotic hallucinogens and a return to social pretentiousness with a with a sense of frustration. And a question remains unsettled: Does sexual voracity exist or is it ultimately an illusion like a "midsummer night's dream"?
Scene 1           Going into the woods
Scene 2           Walpurgis Night
Scene 3           The hallucinogenic flower
Scene 4           An orgiastic random encounter
Scene 5           Oblivion supervened
Scene 6           Or maybe not?


Tatiana Papadopoulou Artistic direction, Choreography - Direction
Katerina Diakoumopoulou Dramaturgy
Tatiana Papadopoulou Set - Costumes
Evgenia Psomiadou Assistant choreographer & Movement director
Alexandros Raidis Original music composition
Nikos Kanelakis Music composition for Scene 3
Ioannis Parzialis Audio mixing
Mario Spyroglou Video Art - Promo Trailer
Tatiana Papadopoulou Lighting design
Areti Koutsikopoulou Production organization
Jimmys Antoniadis Photography
Dancers of North :
Apostolos Kousinas
Irini Kyziroglou
Olina Oikonomidou
Alexia Papadopoulou
Stathis Savidis
Evgenia Psomiadou

The dance group Dancers of North is funded by the Ministry of Culture for the artistic season 2022-2023.


15€, 12€, 10€ (reduced)
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  • 11 February 2023 to 12 February 2023
    Sat|Sun     20:30  (EMILIOS RIADIS HALL M2)