Festival artistic direction Dimos Goudaroulis
The title of this year’s festival suggests a small and exotic “garden” of baroque musical instruments and instrumental music. Chamber music of the 17th and 18th century using period instruments, with a repertoire of high aesthetic quality and sound timbres of particular sophistication. Baroque violins and cellos, viola da gamba and violone, baroque recorders and transverse flute, theorbo, baroque guitar and mandolin, harpsichord and pipe organ will present Italian, French, English and German baroque music in a series of four concerts. The festival begins with the presentation of The Musical Offering in its complete form, one of the last and most enigmatic works by J. S. Bach, and continues with the second concert, presenting the six splendid Sonatas for solo cello and basso continuo, Op. 14 by A. Vivaldi, once again in its complete form. The third concert brings forward a change of style and mood, with English and French Suites featuring dances of the 17th century, while Vivaldi’s music with its boundless imagination and inspiration returns in the fourth concert to close the festival. The concerts are accompanied by displays of paintings by baroque painters depicting instruments and musicians of the time.
Friday 4th November
J.S. Bach: The Musical Offering
Saturday 5th November
La Stravaganza Greca:
A. Vivaldi: 6 Sonatas for solo cello and basso continuo

Friday 11th November
Little consort – English and French Baroque
Saturday 12th November
Vivaldi: less is more



12€, 7€ (reduced)
Festival ticket: 30€, 20€ (reduced)

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  • 04 November 2022
    Fri     21:00  (EMILIOS RIADIS HALL M2)
  • 05 November 2022
    Sat     21:00  (EMILIOS RIADIS HALL M2)
  • 11 November 2022
    Fri     21:00  (EMILIOS RIADIS HALL M2)
  • 12 November 2022
    Sat     21:00  (EMILIOS RIADIS HALL M2)