Educational programs

Aiming to place young people at the epicenter of the city’s cultural activity, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, in collaboration with experienced and renowned collaborators, has carefully designed a series of integrated and attractive educational activities.

The Thessaloniki Concert Hall, conscious that children and young people approach the fine arts in their own unique way, and aware that they will become the future artists and audiences, has established series of concerts and educational programs that aim to respond to the new generation interests, come near them and, at the same time, give opportunities to young people to actively and interactively participate.

The Thessaloniki Concert Hall, wishing to celebrate the presence of the new generation at its venue and its new program, has established performances of music ensembles that are comprised with young people or present young people’s musical works. At the same time, it encourages young people to engage with the arts, thus contributing to the multifaceted and integrated education of tomorrow’s audience and our future artists. With this in mind, we offer especially reduced-price tickets for a series of events that introduce young people to music.

Organized tours

The Thessaloniki Concert Hall offers to schools the possibility of organized visits and tours at its venues.