Tarab Safar

Philokalia, producer of many albums and musical projects, proudly presents Tarab Safar, an album of nine instrumental music tracks, composed and played by two famous artists and Lebanese Virtuosi, Mr. Charbel Rouhana („Ud) and Mr. Elie Khoury (Buzuq).
In this album, the Ud and the Buzuq, two separate yet united instruments, of a harmonious simplicity nurtured by experience and age to reach both the modern and traditional listener. Simplicity in the music arrangement, to make it spontaneous although each measure has been worked individually to fit the melodious idea, without the intention of deliberately highlighting the technical ability in the composition, nor in the musical arrangement, and not even in playing the music.
The music arrangement in Tarab Safar is a kind of an alternation between playing the Ud and the Buzuq so that the spontaneous accompaniment, could be performed by the musician when playing with tarab, passion, and saltana, going beyond technical abilities. This interchange has been written after having confirmed its efficiency over and over again. The specificity of this album is incarnated in the fact that every passionate musician can play the compositions on his Ud or his Buzuq by getting the musical scores with the CD.
Tarab Safar’s story was recorded in Rome with so much spontaneity and musicality, and then it came to the world, with so much beauty and love, through Philokalia. This album is a call to tarab and travel to where friendship, love, euphoria, joy rise and exaltation are…and it has to be spread in the whole word.
The story of this album is incarnated between the notes of each track:
1- Zora, by Elie Khoury: It means Dawn, and it inspires in its movements a new start and the beginning of a new day
2- Samai’i Nahawand, by Elie Khoury: This track breaks the rigidity of the Nahawand oriental maqam.
3- Samba Rast, by Charbel Rouhana: a haphazard of mixing between the Samba rhythm and the oriental Rast Maqam.
4- Sama’I Hijaz Kar Kurd, by Chabel Rouhana: a Friday afternoon, before heading to the United States.
5- Shadra, by Elie Khoury: the story of childhood in the Lebanese hometown here the melodies where stuck, inspired by the oriental Rast Maqam.
6- Around 10 P.M: Improvisation while waiting, around 10 p.m.
7- Jet Lag in Montreal, by Charbel Rouhana: the story of an insomniac crisis in Montreal, 2017.
8- Mon Coeur – My heart, by Charbel Rouhana: the heart‟s language and improvisation in its ultimate simplicity.
9- Tarab Safar, by Charbel Rouhana and Elie Khoury: the two musicians – friends, recorded spontaneously, on the phone, this piece while gathering in France in 2015, three years later they brought it back to life together and it remained a title for a chapter and a project.
Philokalia Institute has a mission of love and beauty through music and art. Beside of its Institute, Philokalia is the producer of many musical projects and especially the oriental music, aiming to promote the musical learning methods and innovate new projects in order to support and save the Lebanese and Oriental art and spread our musical culture in the whole world.