Marco Crosetto

Harpsichordist Marco Crosetto studied in his hometown at the Conservatory of Turin, with Claudio Voghera and Ilaria Schettini as pianist, with Silvana Di Lotti and Alessandro Ruo Rui as composer, and with Giorgio Tabacco as harpsichordist. In 2012, he went to Barcelona's ESMUC as an Erasmus student to study with Béatrice Martin. He studied also in Paris at the CRR with Noëlle Spieth and Stéphane Fuget as part of the Chef de Chant for baroque opera course. In 2011, he completed his BA in History with a dissertation in the history of music. As soloist and chamber musician, he has given concerts on piano and harpsichord in such distinguished places as Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria and Sweden. He has collaborated, as continuo player, with the Accademia Montis Regalis of Mondovi, the “De Sono” Association, Le Coin du Roi in Milan, where he performed Apollo et Hyacintus by Mozart and Serva Padrona by Pergolesi, and the Talenti Vulcanici in Naples under the direction of Stefano Demicheli. He is one of the member of the ensemble La Vaghezza, winner of the prestigious Händel Göttingen Competition in 2018. In 2015 he won the third prize at the Paola Bernardi harpsichord competition in Bologna and in 2018 he was semifinalist in the Bruges Competition for Hapsichord. He’s accompanist in the conservatory of Torino and Cuneo.