Ester Ambrosino

Ester Ambrosino, director of the International Tanztheater Festival in Erfurt as well as director of the Tanztheater Erfurt since 2007, was born in Palermo where she starts her dance studies. She completes her dance education in the renowned Folkwang-Hochschule in Essen. From 1994 till 1998 she works for the Folkwang Tanzstudio- FTS. She also works as a guest for the Tanztheater Wuppertal, directed by Pina Bausch in the production Le Sacre du Printemps and Tannhäuser. In 1998 she joins the Tanztheater Bremen directed by Susanne Linke. In 2001 she works for Urs Dietrich, in 2002 for the company directed bt Catherine Diverrès. She has the chance to work for important choreographers such as: Pina Bausch, Malou Airaudo, Libby Nye („Limon Company“), Rodolfo Leoni, Stephan Brinkmann, Mark Sieczkarek, Daniel Goldin, Raffaella Giordano, Irene Hultmann und Henrietta Horn.
Since 2004 she works in Thüringen (Germany) as freelancer dancer and choreographer and since 2007 she is director of the Tanztheater Erfurt. Since 2008 she is also director of the Tanztheater Festival Erfurt, which takes place every two years. Besides her solo works such as : (2004) and Wenn die Seele spricht (2005), she is choreographer of the Tanztheater Erfurt ensemble with the productions: Mozart – keener liebt mich (2006), Und warum?(2007), Garantie abgelaufen? (2007), Bauhaus - hier wird getanzt (2009). She is also choreographer for young dancers pieces such as Pinocchio and Peter und der Wolf. In 2010 her solo piece Las Vegas has premiere during the 2. International Tanztheater Festival in Erfurt. In 2011 she choreographed Seiten Wechsel followed by the 50 & 50 drums ‘n dance Project.
In 2008 she earns the Support of the Cultural department in Thüringen, followed by the Culture award in 2015 assigned by the city to the Tanztheater Erfurt. She works as a guest choreographer for the Theater in Erfurt with the production Romeo und Julia. In 2015 the piece Orpheus und Eurydike, coproduction between Tanztheater Erfurt and Theater
Erfurt, wins the Audience award of the season 2015/2016. In 2016/2017 same award goes to Herkules. In 2017 her new piece Konsequenzen has the chance to perform for the Thüringer members of the Parliament, in Bruxelles.

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