Vocal Ensemble Voices of Freedom

“Voices of Freedom” is a vocal ensemble of twenty (20) refugee children from Syria and Iraq, aged from 8-16 years, who temporarily live with their families in the Refugee Camp of Diavata in Thessaloniki.
The ensemble has been established with the initiative of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, after auditions held in early February 2017 under the responsibility of Maria Meligopoulou, artistic curator of the 7th Youth Choirs Festival. The ensemble will participate in the festive concert on the 9th of April.
The selected refugee children follow a music preparation program and participate in weekly rehearsals together with the Children’s Choir of the Holy Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Thessaloniki.
Rehearsals and transportation (with adult escort) to and from Diavata has been undertaken by the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.
The initiative of the establishment of the vocal ensemble "Voices of Freedom" is part of the Concert Hall’s actions towards smooth integration of refugees in the social and cultural life of Thessaloniki.