Kyklos Ensemble

Music Ensemble
Kyklos ensemble consists of prominent Greek soloists who excel in Greece and abroad.
The creation of the ensemble arose from the need of its members to further research and explores the boundaries of their art.
The concept of reciprocity is behind the creation of kyklos ensemble. All functions and activities of the ensemble are guided by the spirit of cooperation and retaliation rather than the pursuit of profit.
Kyklos ensemble mission is to:
• present works covering a wide range of classical and contemporary music
• work with all the arts (theater, dance, cinema, art, etc.) and sciences (history, archeology, philosophy, psychoanalysis, mathematics, architecture, etc.)
• view and highlight the work of Greek composers, older and younger
• present operas in adaptation for ensembles
• promote new artistic creation by awarding new projects to new composers
• educate young musicians through workshops, master classes, open competitions and educational concerts in educational institutions, in order to prepare a new generation of quality musicians
• organize regular concerts with social – ecological orientation  in prisons, nursing homes, orphanages and even at homes, in collaboration with non-governmental and environmental organizations
• organize concerts with the involvement of unemployed musicians
• organize festivals dedicated to the relation between classical and traditional music
• expand its activities in the province and abroad
• offer concerts with very low cost ticket.
The headquarters of kyklos ensemble is the emblematic Bauhaus Athens Conservatory building - symbol of Greek modernism designed by John Despotopoulos , at  Rigillis street
in the center of Athens.
In parallel, Kyklos ensemble has developed strategic partnerships with key cultural institutions such as the National Opera, the Athens Concert Hall, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall , the Cacoyannis Foundation etc.
General manager of the ensemble is percussion soloist Dimitris Dessyllas, while its artistic director is the acclaimed composer George Koumendakis, and production manager
the sound designer Agis Gyftopoulos.
Kyklos ensemble is part of the non profit organization “Art”, whose  equally and founding members are: Dimitris Dessyllas (percussion - General), Serge Nastassia (violin), Anthony Sousamoglou (violin), Simos Papanas (violin), Vasilis Lykos (cello), Takis Kapogiannis (contrabass) Marillena Dori (flute), Marios Argyros (oboe), Spyros Mourikis (clarinet), George Farounghias (bassoon), Costas Siskos (horn), Dimitris Gogas (trumpet), Spyros Vergis (trombone ) Rolandos Andreas Theodorou (trombone), George Emmanuel Lazaridis (piano), Stephanos Thomopoulos (piano), Maria Bildea (harp), George Koumentakis (art direction), Agis Gyftopoulos (production manager).
Kyklos ensemble collaborates with distinguished conductors depending on the subject and
the content of each concert. The aim is to highlight the artistic mark of the ensemble through the composition of the different musical personalities of its members.

Participations - Performances - Collaborations

KYKLOS ENSEMBLE - 23 November 2013