Kostas Avgeris

Kostas Avgeris was born and raised in the city of Volos, Greece. His first appearance as a film director was in 1980, with the medium feature The Cancellation, on a screenplay by Pavlos Matessis, shown at the 21st Thessaloniki Film Festival, where it bagged four major awards. 
The year 1983 saw the start of his long career as a TV director, both in state and in private channels, a career rich in recognition, which is continuing until now.
In ERT (National Greek TV Channel) he became the main collaborator of Yorgos Papastefanou in the musical series Our Old Friends (best TV show music award in 1991) and of Christos Christodoulou in the two documentary-fiction series ERT in Northern Greece and ET-1 everywhere in Greece: in 8 years, he directed 74 episodes.
During the same period, he directed the TV adaptation of two literary works by famous Greek writers: Maro Vamvounaki’s Chronicle of an Adultery and Evghenia Fakinou’s Red Thread.  The latter was the official Greek entry in the European TV film competition in Strasbourg, where it was labeled “an extraordinary film”. He also directed the documentary In Search of Alexander’s Land, official Greek entry at the Prix Italia in 1988.
In 1991 he was guest director in Yanni’s Smaragdis’ series Words of the City and We Smile on Our Way for state TV, directing five documentaries.
From 1992 to 1994 he worked for the alternative channel SEVEN-X, directing the weekly shows Eikonomahies, Panayotis and Yorgos go to the Movies (both with P. Timoyannakis and G. Tziotzios), Booklab (with K. Kondodimos), The King is Naked and Ultimatum (both with G. Vallianatos) and Babylonia (with D.N. Maronitis)
In 1994, for ET-2, he directed the 16-part series Live stories with Liana Kanelly. At the same time he worked with Mimi Denissy in the ET-1 show It’s fashion and it will pass, as well as in a SKY series Someone to watch over her – thus acquiring a first-hand knowledge of the Greek star system.
From 1997 until today, most of his work is done for MEGA channel. Dozens of cultural and entertainment shows, of short or long duration, succeed one another.
 In 2003 he started the greatly successful gastronomical travel documentary So Delicious, with chef Ilias Mamalakis. Five years of travels all around Greece and the rest of the world. The show was awarded the best Greek documentary and best editing prizes in 2005 and 2006 by the Faces TV Awards; in January 2006, it was awarded with the first prize “best gastronomical TV-series”, at the Gourmet Media World Festival-Gourmet Voice in Cannes. In 2007, again in Faces, it was awarded the prize of most popular show, and in 2008 the prize of best cultural show.
In June 2008, Kostas Avgeris was co-director in Stamatis Kraounakis’s theatrical production Those who burned the stage, presented at the ancient theatre of Herod Atticus.
For two seasons, 2008 to 2010, for ET-3, he directed the 24-part historical documentary series A Land with a History.
In 2010, for MEGA, he directed the weekly show Food and the City with chef Vassilis Kallidis, a gastronomical travelogue in Athens’ neighbourhoods and eating grounds.
Since 2005 he also works in TV advertising.

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