Choir of St. Romanos the Melodist of Birut

The Choir of St. Romanos Melodist founded in 2000 and its first concert realized at the church of St. George, Souq el Gharb with members, men and women. The choir members are graduates of the School of Byzantine Music "Romanos the Melodist" in Beirut. The fr. Romanos Joubran is the artistic director of the choir and the School of Byzantine music. The performance of the choir follows the study of Simon Kara and the method of Protopsaltes Spyridon Pavlakis, in conjunction with the contemporary Antiochian tradition.      
The purpose of the choir is to present well-known members of the Protopsaltes of the Patriarchate of Antioch Mitra El Moore, the Protopsaltes of the Cathedral Church of Beirut Andrew Mouakiel and new compositions, as well. Also, it aims to present masses and concerts in Arabic and Greek.   
The choir has published its first concert in Souq El Gharb, hymns of Pentecost, Holy Week, Christmas and the Divine Liturgy of St. John the Chrisostomou.   
They are also important the participations of the choir at events, including the mass of Pannychidos with the choir SEM of Lebanese and two concerts in two consecutive years with the choir SEM and the choir of the province of Tripoli and Charas in Lebanon for the 125th anniversary of St. George Orthodox Hospital, which have been recorded on CD.

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