David Ensemble

The music ensemble David was founded in 1975, presenting Coptic hymns and psalms. A lot of times it has been praised by the biggest local and international newspaper and magazines for its outstanding performance.
It has already performed in several times allover Egypt, at the Cairo Opera house, American University in Cairo, both the French and Italian Cultural Centers and in many churches. It has also participated in a number of international festivals abroad such as the "Festival of sacred Arts" held in Paris in 1995 and “Orient festival” in Stockholm in 1997. A year later, it appeared in Marseille’s Cathedral St. Denis. In 2000, David ensemble performed in the Arb Institute in Paris and in Agb, a city south of France upon the invitation of the Egyptian embassy, it also took part in “Expo 2000 festival” in Hanover and presented another concert in Frankfurt. That same year, it performed three more concerts in Italy in St Mark’s Cathedral in Milan, the Egyptian Academy and St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice. In 2001, David ensemble held a special performance of Copts in Unesco.
Furthermore, it has already released several recordings, one of which is a CD produced by the Arab World Institute in Paris and participated in the CD titled “Mozart in Egypt” producing by Virgin classic LTD.
Noteworthy are also its participation in the Coptic Orthodox Church for the 2000 celebration of the itinerary of the Holy Family in Egypt at the Ancient Church of St. Mary in Maadi on May of 2000 and also its participation in the work titled Blessed be Egypt my people which was organized by the Ministry of Tourism for the same occasion on June of 2000.

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