Yianna Athanassiadi

Chorus Conductor
After completing her studies in Orchestra Conduction at the Superior State School - Hamza - Tashkent in 1970, Mrs.Yianna Athanassiadi was trained at the Choir of the Navoi Opera Theatre of Tashkent, where she excelled. The next year she was accepted at the Superior Music Academy – Conservatoire of Tashkent to study Chorus Conduction, under the supervision of Professor N. Vassilieva.
In 1972 she registered at the Zagreb Conservatory - Croatia, from which she graduated in 1977, after completing her studies on chorus conduction and theory. She participated in seminars of technical chorus conduction with Professors Ν. Ptica, Τ. Tevlin and D. Suplevski. She attended music seminars of technical conduction in Chicago (USA). After returning to Croatia she took charge of the Children’s and Mixed Choir of Rijeka, with which she participated in Choir Festivals of the entire former Yugoslavia. Among the most important are the festivals of Split, Zadar, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Ljubljana, Maribor and Ohrid. She has also participated in many festivals abroad, from which she received many awards and distinctions. She has also received the Dubrovnik Children Choir Festival’s 1st Award.
She has also collaborated with the mixed choirs of Trieste and Graz.
From 1999 to 2010 she conducted the Choir of the Municipality of Mikra, with which she has participated in important Pan-Hellenic Festivals and has received awards and excellent reviews. From 2009 she is in charge of the Choir of the Alumni Association of Anatolia American College.

Participations - Performances - Collaborations