Choir of the Holy Church of Kyrillos and Methodios Thessaloniki

Founded in 1992 by its current Music Director  Dr. Maria Emma Meligopoulou. Consists of four different departments: training choir, children’s choir, chamber choir and Youth Choir, with more than 200 singers.  Its repertoire spans from the Renaissance to contemporary music.
The choir has performed more than 600 concerts in Greece, Europe (Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Finland, UK, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Wales, Spain), South Africa, Singapore, China, Canada, USA, Turkey, Egypt, Israel and Russia.
The choir is recipient of numerous National and International Distinctions, such as Golden prizes at the "5th Brahms Festival" (Germany), the "10th Choral Competition Moscow Sounds” (Russia), the “5th Loto Quebec Festival” (Canada), the “9th Venezia in Musica International Coir Competition” (Italy) etc.
The choir collaborates frequently with Thessaloniki & Athens Concert Halls, Thessaloniki State Orchestra, Thessaloniki Opera and other Greek music organizations.
Piano Accompanist since the foundation of the choir is the distinct pianist and lecturer at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Dr.Nicolas Zafranas.