From Trabzon to Thessaloniki, 1912-1946, one journey, 12 stops. 
A contemporary history of humanity. Being relocated. Being a refugee. It happened then. It is happening now. It will happen again, tomorrow. A family affair that has proved to be universal and timeless. Civilized Europe and the war-torn East were the reasons for Antigone Mavrommatopoulou’s life story to become a theatrical monologue, so that a story may be revived that exceeds personal experience and becomes reality for entire peoples, for every “Antigone”.
Using archive material from that era as set and backdrop, processed in such a way as to highlight the circular nature of history, past and present become one, so that we may be reminded that it is not history making fools of us, rather we make fools of ourselves for never learning from it. Our intention is that Antigones Narration transmit to us the feeling that being torn from ones land is a heritage we all share.


Concept Thanasis Detas
Dramaturgy - text editing Theodora Kapralou
Direction Antigone Deta
Illustration Giorgos Taxeris
Lighting Phil Hills
Musical supervision - audio processing - sound design - projection supervision Kostas Sotiriou
Movement supervisor - Maria Fountouli
Costume design Spyridoula Mylona
Assistant Director Alkmini Kalogirou
Production direction Maria Dourou
In the role of Antigone Mavrommatopoulou, Antigone Fryda


€10, €8 (reduced)

In cooperation

  • 29 September 2017
    Fri     21:00  (EMILIOS RIADIS HALL M2)