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Concert of traditional Cypriot music from the Medieval and Renaissance era, and Sephardic traditional music.

Duo Vivianna Giannaki & Mariano Gil
Vivianna Giannaki and Mariano Gil met in Buenso Aires in 2017 and immediately started working together. Their first album Pasiones Cruzada together with the publication of the book, was publishedin 2020 (En Tipis publications, Nicosia, Cyprus). During their tour, of the last three years, they have performed in Concert Hallsm International Festivals and Theaters, such as: Auditorio Nacional de Música / Madrid - España (2021), The Kennedy Center / Washington DC - US, Musei Capitolini / Roma - Italia, Centro Cultural Néstor Kirchner CCK / Buenos Aires - Argentina, Palacio de Carlos V - Alhambra Monumental Complex - Spain, Festival Astor Piazzolla 2019, Teatro Colón / Mar del Plate - Argentina, among other venues.

Pellegrinaggio Al Levante Ensemble
Pellegrinaggio al levante Ensemble was established in 2017 by Mariangela Chatzistamatiou and lutetist/guitarist Nikos Panagiotides. The ensemble performs art and traditional music from Greece and the rest of the Meditterranean and it was named after a project that merked the beginning of many fruitfull collaborations. The first project was funded by the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation and was built around the old idea of the musical journey. The project named "Pellegrinaggio al levante" features both art and traditional tunes and songs from the south of Italy, Rome, Venice, parts of Greece such as Igoumenitsa, Kastoria, Thessaloniki and Xanthi, resulting in a "musical pilgrimage" to the music traditions of Constantinople. Sine its first appearance, the ensemble has appeared in Athens, Thessaloniki, Horto-Pelion, Kavala and Rhodes, performing its core program as well as songs from the music traditions of the Greek Jews, in a collaboration with the jewish Community of Thessaloniki and the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki.

Duo - Vivianna Giannaki & Mariano Gil
  1. O Poiitaris (Traditional Cypriot song)
  2. Acherompasman (Medieval traditional Cypriot song)
  3. Kokkini triantafyllia mou (Medievaltraditional Cypriot song)
  4. La roza enflorese (Canción traditional Sefardí)
  5. Transatlántica (Mariano Gil)
  6. Nanourisma (Traditional Cypriot song)
  7. Tessera tzai tessera (Medieval traditional song)
  8. T' Ai Yiorkou (Medieval traditional Cypriot song)
Pellegrinaggio Al Levante Ensemble
  1. Quando il Rey Nimrod
  2. Arie de mujer
  3. Yo boli de foja en foja
  4. Hermanas, Reina y Cautiva
  5. Missirlu
  6. La galana y el mar
  7. Sien drahmas el dia
  8. King David, Samouel (1,18) (music: Eliyahu Gamliel, Matityahu Shelem)
Together: Adio kerida (Canción traditional Sefardí)


Duo - Vivianna Giannaki & Mariano Gil
Vivianna Giannaki, soprano
Mariano Gil, guitarist

Pellegrinaggio Al Levante Ensemble
Mariangela Chatzistamatiou, soprano
Dimitris Demelis, violin
Nikos Panagiotides, lutetist/guitarist
Nikolas Mylonas, percussion
  • 22 November 2021
    Mon     20:30  (EMILIOS RIADIS HALL M2)