For the 14th consecutive year “we dance for life” in Thessaloniki!
“We dance for life” is more than a performance of traditional music and dance. It is an idea, a goal, a landmark in Thessaloniki cultural events. It is the opportunity dancers, musicians and audience members have each year to contribute to the relief of their fellow people.
Everything started in the winter of 2004, just after December 24, when the entire world stood in shock and watched the devastation caused by the tsunami in south east Asia. Facing this tragic reality a group of traditional dance teachers decided to help in their own way... through song and dance. So, in the winter of 2005, five cultural bodies that were active in the broader Thessaloniki region, with the initiative of their restless dance teachers and help from dancers and established musicians, organised a charity event, whose title was nothing more than a simple conclusion: “We dance for life”. Response from the public was beyond any expectation and was so encouraging that it led to the institution of the event.
Every year the proceeds go to a different charity, in an effort to provide material and psychological support to as many bodies as possible. To this day the large group of friends of “We dance for life” has supported the work of the Society of Cancer Patients of Northern Greece, the Association of Children with Down Syndrome of Northern Greece, ‘Lampsi’ Parents’ Association of Children with Malignant Diseases, ‘Pedika Onira’ Association, ‘I Anixi’ Parents’ Association of Langadas, Agios Stylianos Volunteers’ Association, and the Spastics’ Society of Northern Greece.


Dances and songs presented by:
‘Kyklos’ Centre of Traditional Dance Studies - teacher Kyriakos Moysidis (Spileo, Grevena)
‘Eknefsis’ Model Dance Art Group - teacher Kostas Nikolaidis (Crete)
Thessaloniki Dance Group – teacher Sakis Paliogiannis (Karpathos, Kasos, Rhodes, Chalki)
‘Chorostates’ Cultural Association - teacher Apostolis Skrekas (Xiropotamos, Drama)


10€ (general admission)

  • 03 March 2018
    Sat     21:00  (FRIENDS OF MUSIC HALL M1)